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I couldnt have been more surprised when met by Lee-Ana who was a friendly, calming and empathetic individual, yet remaining very professional. The whole process was extremely calming and Lee-Ana made me feel extremely comfortable the entire time checking that I was OK before moving onto another pressure point. The actual needle process is simple and required a gentle tap into each pressure point which for me I didnt even really feel. Absolutely no discomfort. I could not recommend her services more." P.R.


Lee Ana's service is exceptional. She is professional, gentle, caring, understanding and friendly to name a few. She has treated my whole family with a myraid of different ailments! K.B

Lee-Ana strikes the right balance of offering a relaxed, yet professional service and I felt like I could completely relax during the treatment.  M.G

Lee-Ana helped me to focus on reaching deep levels of relaxation and getting my body in a more healthy state. I would highly recommend Lee-Ana to anyone - she is extremely welcoming, calming and professional.
Thank you Lee-Ana for your amazing work - we are extremely happy with the remarkable work from Lee-Ana. L.C

I used Lee-Ana before getting pregnant and throughout my pregnancy, it was the best thing I ever did. I had used a number of other acupuncturists however I found Lee-Ana has a gentle and calming approach and felt completely at ease with her,  the treatments are very relaxing.  I have recommended Lee-Ana to friends and work colleagues and I have always received good feedback. C.R

Lee-Ana achieves excellent outcomes in a respectful, honest and constructive way. Lee-Ana is highly skilled, professional, very calming, insightful and therapeutic in her responses and treatments. It is difficult to describe her ability to make you feel calm, and she remains empathetic though realistic when dealing with complex (and often sad) situations. N.M


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